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Dated: 11/06/2018

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They are busy working on building out the new models up against the Whote Tank Mountains and we just received this update.

I’m asked daily about all the exciting things taking place in the community, so thought I would share what I know thus far….. 


New White Tank Mountain lots……….the new golf course opening this month……14 new models being built……the second Recreation Center to be started now and completed by 2020…..the area West of the Pet Park opening with new lots, and the list goes on……………….


  1. When will the NEW MODEL HOME PARK be completed?  
    We’re hoping by January. The Models should be dry-walled this week.
  2. When will you release the NEW LOTS to sell on the mountain side?  
    We haven’t been told, but guessing January.  There are 1200 home-sites on 800 acres at the base of the White Tanks.  We typically release approximately 150 home-sites at a time.   I’ll be sending you a Plot Plan of the first home-sites to be released as soon as we get one.
  3.  What will the LOT PREMIUMS be in the new section?  
    This remains to be seen.  If the golf course lots also have a view of the White Tanks mountains, they won’t be cheap.  I’m guessing that the first section we sell in, could average $80k to $190k for golf lots, depending on the views……..just my best guess!   As we grow into future areas, there are lot premiums for some awesome golf course / mountain views that could be well over $200k. 
  4. Will there be WALLED LOTS?   Pulte has done an awesome job of terracing this area, so we doubt there will be many, if any walled lot areas.  People who love their walls are anxious for the area to open by the Pet Park……hopefully by December.
  5.  How many MODELS & FLOOR PLANS will we offer?  
    We’re rebuilding the same existing models with some tweaks and changes, plus adding new innovative options to those.  We’re also adding (3) smaller floor plans than what we currently offer and (3) larger.  Our square footage range will be 1280 sq. ft. to approx. 3300 sq. ft.  In a nutshell, there will be 16 total floor plans, but only 14 model homes.  We have no floor plans to hand out as of yet. That will probably happen closer to release of the lots.
  6. Is there a WAITING LIST for these new lots?  
    NO – only an interest list……. a BIG interest list  :)  We’ll see what happens.  Note: Lots cannot be reserved ahead of time.
  7. Will they build the SMALLEST HOMES in the new section?  This is doubtful. We’re expecting 1600 square feet on up, on the mountain side.  We’ll have building lots to fit the new 1280 s.f to 1500 s.f homes in Section HH1 West of the Pet Park.
  8. What will the LOT SIZES be?  
    We do not have plot plans showing our lot sizes, but our current Retreat Series homes sit on 55’x115’ lots on average and the Encore sit on 65’x115’.  The three largest home plans will have to have larger lots to accommodate their size, just as the smallest homes will fit on smaller lot sizes. 
  9. When will the EXISTING MODEL HOMES go up for sale?  
    This will happen after they move us to the new location.  Pretty sure they will be sold AS IS and unfurnished.  Once they move us to the new Sales Center, they’ll need to replace the paved streets in front of the old models back to concrete, plus pop the streets through for ingress and egress….so there will be work to do before they’re sold.  These models could go up for sale any time in 2019.  We have no idea.  We also have an interest list for the model homes.  If there are multiple parties who want a certain model home, they will be put out to a Silent Bid. So for example, Pulte could say they want $600k on up for the Models on the golf course.  If multiple parties want the same model, then they’ll have the opportunity to bid higher than Pulte’s asking price.  I’ll let you know when they go up for sale and what the prices will be.


  1. When will they open U-1 ? (the area behind the current model home center)  We’re not sure.  When they built the tunnel under Sun Valley Parkway, Pulte decided to clean up that area and get it ready for future development.  We also have an interest list for this area also.  I’m thinking we’ll see this released in 2019 also.


  1. What will happen to the current SALES PAVILION once we move to the new location at the base of the mountains? 
    Currently we have 15 offices being used for Construction Superintendents / our Land Supervisor / our Closing Coordinator and Customer Service employees.  Seven offices will be freed-up when the sales staff moves to the new location.  It’s up to Pulte and the HOA on how they plan to use the pavilion once the Sales Staff is moved. 


  1. Will there be a GRAND OPENING of the new Models?  I would expect so and I’m hoping you’ll be the first ones through.  I’m looking forward to seeing you, so stay tuned for future updates and thanks again for thinking of me and Sun City Festival.
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